We offer a range of ways to learn including one-off sessions, weekly clubs and personalised tutoring. You can see more below, and examples of past sessions too.

Some of our one-off sessions are free, email us or visit our booking page to reserve a space.

Single Sessions

£10 per session or £25 for 3 (siblings half price)

  • 2nd Sept 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Respiration

  • 9th Sept 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Animals of the Rainforest

  • 16th Sept 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) The Moon

  • 23rd Sept 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Roman Inventions

  • 7th Oct 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Volcanoes

  • 14th Oct 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Creating Characters

  • 21st Oct 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Skeletons

  • 4th Nov 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Deciduous Trees

  • 11th Nov 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) William Shakespeare

  • 18th Nov 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Gravity

  • 25th Nov 11.00am or 5.00pm (UK) Elephants

Keep checking for new classes!

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1:1 Tuition

If your child is lacking in confidence, or has missed some important parts of their education, we are here to help. Vicki is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience across the Primary age range. She has worked extensively with children with additional learning needs and has additional qualifications in teaching writing skills.

£25 for an individual session or £100 for a block of 5.

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Class in a Cloud

Personalised hour-long sessions: daily or weekly

Class in a Cloud is personalised learning for small groups (up to 6) of students of a similar age. We recommend you book a block of 6 sessions focused on the topic of your choice. Although each session will be based on your chosen topic, the content will be adapted to the needs, interests and abilities of the student(s). They can even be linked to school based learning if you would like.

These sessions are ideal for charity groups trying to support home learners with health concerns.

Individual sessions are £25 and a block of six costs £125 (one free).

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Below is a sample of sessions we have run to date, which may be offered again later. Please contact us via this form or by email if you have specific requests or enquiries.