Britain in the 1920s

Session 1

We will learn about the main events of the 1920s and how the decade began with big parties and fun, but ended with a big depression.

Session 2

Today we will be learning about some of the famous people from the 1920s. We will listen to some jazz music and make a fact page about a chosen historical figure.

Session 3

Today we will learn about silent movies. We will look at some examples and then create our own simple storyboards. Finally we will have a go at filming our own.

Session 4

Life for women and children in the 1920s changed a lot: we will explore how. We will discuss the importance of voting and write letters to parliament demanding equal rights for men and women.

Session 5 (Additional session for ASC)

We will learn about some of the big inventions of the 1920s: from television and refrigerators, to Branston pickle and Heinz baked beans. We will consider some options for our own inventions and create adverts for them.