Ancient Egypt

Session 1

We’ll learn some facts about the country Egypt and why the River Nile is so important. We will use maps and websites to help us with our research and make a leaflet encouraging people to visit.

Session 2

We'll look at a timeline of Ancient Egypt and find out about some of the more famous Pharaohs. We'll then make a Pharaoh headdress.

Session 3

This session will be all about life in Ancient Egypt. What did they eat? What jobs did they do? What games did they play? Did they go to school? We'll also have a try at writing in hieroglyphics.

Session 4

In this session we will focus on the pyramids and Egyptian burial tombs. We will make our own tomb using a shoe box.

Session 5

Today we will learn all about the process of mummification. We'll even make our own mini mummies.

Session 6

We will find out about the Egyptian gods and goddesses and produce a poster or presentation about our favourite ones.