Session 1

We will look at a timeline of when the dinosaurs were on Earth. We will also investigate the evolution of dinosaurs and the children will be given some dinosaur fact challenges to research.

Session 2

We will learn about some dinosaur species. We will also work on a dinosaur diorama and produce some creative writing to accompany our scenes.

Session 3

We will learn about how the dinosaurs became extinct and experiment with how craters are formed. We will then look at images of real craters and investigate where they are found.

Session 4

Today we will learn about how fossils are formed. We will then have a go at making our own salt dough fossils.

Session 5 (Additional session for ASC)

We will find out about some famous paleontologist (including Mary Anning) and what they do. We will also research the best places to go fossil hunting in your area, so you can try it for yourself!