Space Exploration

Session 1

Today we will be learning about the history of space travel from the first rockets to expeditions to Mars. The children will create their own timelines and interview family members about their memories of seeing the first Moon landing.

Session 2

We will discover what life is like for an astronaut and take part in some activities to help us imagine what it would be like to train as an astronaut.

Session 3

Today we will learn all about the International Space Station and what it is used for. We will find out what life is like for the astronauts up there, how we can see it from Earth and the plans for the future.

Session 4

Today we will be doing lots of experiments to find out about gravity and why it seems like there isn’t as much of it in space.

Session 5 (Additional session for ASC)

We will be learning about what’s next in space travel. We will learn about the plans to send people to Mars and what conditions are like on the red planet. We will then design our own homes for Mars.