How It Works

At Rainbow Fox Academy we use Google Classroom. Sessions can be accessed via most laptops, desktops, tablets or phones, using the Google Meet website or app.

Sessions are typically an hour long. Each child needs a quiet space where they can take part in sessions. It is not necessary for an adult to be present during the session but some children may need assistance to use certain resources. It is not essential for the student to use a computer to complete activities but it can be useful.

  1. A few days before the session I will send you a reminder with a list of resources you will need. If you are unable to access these resources please let me know so I can give you an alternative.

  2. You will also be sent a calendar link to a Google Meet for the time of the class.

  3. I will let you in to the meeting at the specified time.

  4. After a brief greeting we usually discuss any prior knowledge of the subject.

  5. We then watch a short YouTube video or go through a pre-prepared slideshow about the topic.

  6. Following the presentation we ask and answer any questions to ensure a secure understanding.

  7. Next we do a variety of activities. These may include: a quiz, artwork, an experiment, creating a jamboard, making a slideshow, creating a poster or leaflet, doing research, making a model, Lego, creative writing etc.

  8. We will end with questions and ideas for follow-up activities.

  9. If you would like feedback after the session then let me know.