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Session Topics

Aboriginal Art, Advertising, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Amphibians, Analogue Clocks, Ancient Greek Myths, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Maya, Antarctica, Apollo 11, Apollo 13, Area, Avalanches, Aztecs

Bar charts, Barack Obama, Bees, Birds, Boudicca, Bravery, Britain in the 1920s, British Traditions

Cacti, Characterisation, Chinese New Year, Christopher Columbus, Comets, Craters & Asteroids, Constellations, Continents, Co-ordinates, Cubism

Darwin, Deciduous Trees, The Desert, Digestive System, Digital Clocks, Dinosaurs

Earth, Moon & Sun, Earthquakes, Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, Elephants, Emotions, Erosion, Europe, Expressionism

Flowering Plants, Fossils, Foxes, Fractions, France

Geometry, The Greek Gods & Goddesses

Heroes, History of Football, History of Music, Horses, The Human Brain, The Human Heart, Hurricanes

Impressionism, Insects, The ISS

Julius Caesar

Light, Limericks, Longitude & Latitude

Martin Luther King Jnr, Migration, Mission to Mars, Monsoons, Morse Code, Mountains, Mozart, Mummification, Muscles

Nocturnal Animals, Northern Lights

Oceans, Ocean Layers, The Olympics, Orchestras

Peacocks, Penguins, Perimeter, Photosynthesis, Pirates, Plant Life, Plastic Pollution, Playscripts, Pointillism, Pop Art, Propaganda

Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria,

Race to the South Pole, Rainbows, The Rainforests, Renewable Energy, Reptiles, Report Writing, Respiratory System, Riddles, The River Nile, Rivers, Roman Gods & Goddesses, Roman Inventions, Roman Life

The Seaside, Seasons, Seed Dispersal, Self, Setting the Scene, The Shang Dynasty, Silent Movies, Silk Road, Skeletons, The Solar System, Sound, Spooky Stories, Stone Age, The Suffragettes

The Telephone, Television, The Tempest, Tessellation, Thunder & Lightning, Tornadoes, Tsunamis

VE Day, Vikings, Volcanoes

Water Cycle, Weird & Wacky Animals, Wales, Whales, Wildfires, William Shakespeare, The Wives of Henry VIII, Wonders of the World, World War I, World War II

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